We design and build custom-made order management systems for every single one of our partners, allowing them to access all the information they need on our comprehensive digital platform. Gone are the days of manual data entry, with our systems updating automatically whenever an order comes in or moves to the next stage in the production process.

From deconstructing data silos in your business to managing every step of the order process with one central platform – take back control with a custom-built order management system and step into your true growth potential.

Manage and fulfill orders
from one central platform

How flow 56 can help your business


Save time

Working with a custom-built order management system will allow you to radically cut back on the time it takes you to process orders and move them into production. With all the information you need in one accessible location, you’ll break down data silos within your business and be able to update customers with just the click of a button.

From flawless communication to seamless coordination, our order management systems are the total package.

Eliminate errors

Moving to an integrated bespoke order management system ensures that your team never has to manually enter information again. By eliminating manual data-entry tasks and utilising our automatic scanner tools, you can instantly upload data, avoiding costly mistakes and saving time on every order.

Without the added pressure of entering potentially hundreds of figures a day, your team can get back to what it does best - selling, creating, and distributing your products.

Control costs

Streamlining and digitising your order management process allows your company to incorporate data-driven metrics into your business. Your OMS will eliminate guesswork, helping you to automate processes, highlight wasteful practices, and put a stop to them.

From tracing workflows to having instant access to information, our data-driven systems will support you every step of the way.

Unparalleled customer service

Having an order management system gives you total control over your business, with real-time metrics showing you exactly where a customer’s order is at any stage of the process. You’ll be able to process orders efficiently and respond to customer queries with ease directly from your custom-built OMS portal.

With Flow56, you’ll be on your way to happier customers in no time.

Total visibility

Turning away from disconnected data systems and embracing our integrated approach gives you total visibility over every aspect of your business. Acting as one source of truth, Flow56’s custom-built order management system will keep all your teams informed and on the same page.

For total visibility and an unmatched level of support our OMS is the one you’ve been waiting for.

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